Using CSS Modules in create-react-app

CSS Modules in create-react-app CSS Modules are great when building components because it allows you to create locally scoped class names so you don't need to worry about naming conflicts. This is the definition that the official CSS Modules repository provides:

A CSS Module is a CSS file in which all class names and animation names are scoped locally by default.

I'm not going to dig on the specific features of CSS Modules (maybe more of that on another post!), but instead talk about how to use it on create-react-app.

Let's add a new component called Button.js:

// Button.js

import React from "react"

function Button() {
  return <button>Click me!</button>

export default Button

Now, create a file named styles.module.css:

/* styles.module.css */

.myButton {
  font-size: 1.5rem;

Note: it's important that your style file ends with the .module.css extension. Otherwise, it's not going to be detected as a CSS module.

To use our new styles we need to import out CSS Module file like this:

// Button.js
import styles from './styles.module.css'

The styles variable is a simple object with a key for each class specified in the CSS Module file:

  myButton: "styles_myButton__3wuuo"

As you can see, our myButton class maps to a pseudo-random string "styles_myButton__3wuuo". This is cool because now we could do this:

<button className={styles.myButton}>Click me!</button>

And it will be converted into this:

<button className='styles_myButton__3wuuo'>Click me!</button>

Note: className is used as the classic class attribute in plain HTML to provide custom classes to elements.

And that's it! It was easier than expected, wasn't it?

The process is as follows:

  • Add a .module.css file
  • Import the newly created file in your component
  • Add a className attribute to your elements to reference some of the class names inside your CSS Module file.

As a last thing, the name style.module.css is not mandatory. You can use any name as long as it ends with .module.css:

// Button.js
import CustomName from './custom-name.module.css'

function Button() {
  return (
    <button className={CustomName.myButton}>
      Click me!

Importing multiple classes

If you need to use multiple classes on an element, you can simply join their class names:

<button className={`${styles.myButton} ${styles.anotherClass}`}>
  Click me!

You can also use a library like classnames or clsx:

import clsx from 'clsx';

<button className={clsx(styles.myButton, styles.anotherClass)}>
  Click me!

Last Words

As you were able to see, CSS Modules are very useful to style in an isolated way our components on React. You have all the benefits of CSS without name conflicts.

If you have any question or comments, you can ping me on Twitter or send me an email at